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Because you didn't get here by being average.

Whether buying or selling luxury property, you deserve an agent empowered to think beyond the next transaction – one who will consider your long-term goals. Our network Luxury Collection Specialists have superior training and are equipped with the most advanced marketing tools. Their wisdom and dedication ensure you’ll get all the value that home brings – year after year.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Luxury Collection utilizes an elite network of powerful relationships, along with modern, effective tools to bring together buyers and sellers of luxury property. Our network of experienced, service-oriented professionals combine local expertise with vast global connections, the most advanced technology available and unparalleled marketing resources to deliver their clients best-in-class results.

Our select network of Luxury Collection Specialists are exclusively dedicated to the marketing of luxury properties. These specialists have consistently earned their clients’ respect through their comprehensive understanding of how to effectively market to affluent buyers. It is no surprise that clients value their advice.

Only sales professionals who meet our most exacting standards are considered for this highly prestigious designation. Luxury Collection Specialists are distinguished by their:​

  • Understanding of affluent buyers and sellers​

  • Discreet client representation​

  • Superior market knowledge​

  • Advanced negotiation skills​

  • Meaningful involvement in the local community​

  • Highly trained agents. In fact many of our agent are member of the exclusive Institute for Luxury Home Marketing​

The Value of Global Marketing

Maximizing Reach and Influence For your luxury home to provide you with the largest return on your investment, it must be exposed to the greatest number of prospective buyers.

There are a number of reasons why the ultimate buyer of your home may emerge from outside your local market or region. This is due as much to demographics and technology as it is to the discretionary nature of luxury home acquisition:

  • Affluent consumers are generally more mobile and more likely to be frequent flyers, with more discretionary income available for travel. They frequently travel for business and are more predisposed to foreign travel.Discreet client representation​

  • The growth of telecommuting may enhance the appeal of luxury properties in small towns, resort communities and rural locations.

  • Individuals of significant wealth may not wish to identify themselves as potential luxury home buyers until they discover a marketed property that piques their interest.​

A truly global brand.

Luxury Collection properties receive the highest level of local and global exposure through a combination of print and digital services. Our luxury properties are automatically promoted on the following key channels.​

Our real estate division has an unmatched global reach with more than 1500 top performing offices in Europe, Asia and North America. These partnerships allow us to literally reach out and connect with buyers in Toronto's hottest feeder markets.







Global markets need global connections. Ours are unrivalled!

Our Global Partners

Toronto is a global city with a large percentage of international buyers, and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a global brand with unmatched global reach. Our network features top performing offices in Europe, Asia and North America who help promote our listings abroad. Additionally, of our listings are automatically shared to the top real estate websites including Mansion Global, Juwaui.com, Financial Times and more.

Global Ad Stats

Our network listings are viewed more than 25 million times annually on the world's most popular real estate websites. Now that's global reach.

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